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stealth 7 wood w / Ventus Velocore - unused still wrapped

Condition - New Item

Columbus, Ohio

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Unused, unopened and w the best shaft in golf. I accidentally ordered 2 of these and this is a significant discount off from what I paid, which you can see in the picture. Love my 7 wood!

21 Degree

Custom Stealth Fairway
Item: custom
Club: custom
Model: Stealth Fwy
Gender: M
Hand: RH
Multi Loft: 7
Front Track: Not Used
Shaft Model: Ventus Red w/ Velocore 7
Shaft Vendor: Fujikura
Shaft Flex: S
Tipping Adjustment: Standard
Length Adjustment: Standard
Grip Vendor: GolfPride
Grip Model: Tour Velvet 360 Grey/Black
Grip Wraps: Standard
Grip Logo: Up
Qty 1 $ 579.99


  • Category: Clubs
  • Brand: TaylorMade
  • Type: Woods
  • Model: stealth
  • Condition: New Item
  • Orientation: Right-Handed
  • Flex: Stiff

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