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This Return Policy was last updated on November 1, 2023.

Return policies differ amongst sellers. Each seller is responsible for establishing their own policy in the Return Policy section when creating a listing. Although some sellers may not allow returns of items, we do strive to make our customers happy. If the item you receive is damaged, the wrong item or not as described, or if any items are missing, then you must report the issue in the Golfstix Service within 3 days after delivery of the purchased item. Alternatively, you can also email us within 3 days after delivery at to let us know. 

How do I return an item?

Golfstix cares about all items purchased in our marketplace. We encourage prompt, professional communication between buyers and sellers to mitigate customer service issues. Although sellers are allowed to provide their own refund and return policies, there are systems and Golfstix policies in place to ensure best practice for all users.

We collectively refer to these buyer protections as Golfstix Protected.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Full refunds are approved when items don’t ship or if items delivered do not match the listing description. In all other cases, sales are final.

Refund & Return Policy

Payments are held in escrow until you’ve received your order to verify the item(s) matches the item description as advertised. Only then are payments released to the seller. You have 72 hours from the notification of delivery to inform Golfstix in the event the items delivered are misrepresented in any way. Select ‘Request a Refund’ using our Contact Us form.

You will have to report the problem and share information and photos in order for a claim to be reviewed. Once the claim is verified, a return shipping label will be provided. Simply ship the items back to the seller. Returns must be shipped within 5 days in order for a refund to become eligible, and then a refund will be processed.

What is Covered?

There are several scenarios that apply when reviewing and understanding our Refund Policy. Please report the issue to Golfstix if any of the following criteria are associated with your purchase:

  • Undisclosed Damage
  • Misrepresented or missing items
  • Item or Items not as described
  • Item is not authentic or counterfeit

Buyers have 72 hours after delivery of items to report any issues from above. If nothing is reported, the payment will be automatically released to the seller. Once the payment process is complete, all sales are deemed final and no refund claims will be available.

What isn’t Covered?

Returns cannot be accepted for subjective reasoning such as style, size, fit, etc. You are always welcome to sell the item again on our marketplace.

Local Pickup or Offline Transactions

Any transactions completed offline from the Golfstix marketplace are not covered. When payment for items is not exchanged through our platform, it is impossible for Golfstix to guarantee transactions and proper fulfillment of the item sold. If you want to conduct business outside of the platform, you take on all risks associated with such business and transactions.

What happens after the Return Process starts?

The seller has 3 business days to get back to you. How they respond depends on the reason for your return. Once again, if the item is damaged, doesn’t match the item description, is counterfeit, or is the wrong item then Golfstix will ensure a full refund to the buyer. Golfstix also understands that not all buyer and seller matters are ‘one-size-fits-all’ and users are encouraged to mitigate their own customer service issues.

Sellers are advised to choose to one of the following resolutions to a purchase dispute:

  1. Accept your return request and offer a full refund. Items returned must be in the same condition as when they were received. The seller will issue a full refund including the original shipping cost. The seller will also pay for the return shipping.
  2. Accept your return and offer you a replacement or exchange. Sellers may offer to send replacement items or exchanges that fit your criteria instead of a refund.
  3. Accept your return, offer a partial refund and let you keep the item(s). Sellers may allow you to keep the items and provide you with a partial refund to make up for any discrepancies per the purchase.
  4. Communicate and request more information. Sellers might want to request additional information to learn more about the situation. This way they can take the next step and try to provide good customer service.

User Ratings and Feedback

Providing timely and accurate buyer and seller ratings/feedback is a critical part of growing the Golfstix community. Reporting issues with buyers or sellers allows for the community to police itself and better understand the consequences of not following best business practices. Conversely, providing positive reviews instills buyer confidence and helps promote repeat business for everyone. Either way, it is important to contribute accurate information to the Golfstix user ratings and feedback system when completing marketplace transactions.

Who pays for shipping on a returned item?

Shipping costs associated with returns are paid at the discretion of the seller. When creating an item listing, a seller may indicate details of their own return policy including who pays for the return shipping postage.

Can I return a Golfstix Verified item?

If a seller accepts returns, then you may return a Golfstix Verified item, as long as the item being returned meets all of their return policy conditions. DO NOT SHIP A GOLFSTIX VERIFIED ITEM DIRECTLY TO THE SELLER. All Golfstix Verified items must be returned back to a Golfstix Verified Location for a return inspection. This ensures the item returned is in fact the original item sent to the buyer in its original condition.

What if I have a dispute regarding a return?

Golfstix cares about all items purchased in our marketplace. We encourage prompt, professional communication between buyers and sellers to mitigate customer service issues. If a dispute arises that cannot be resolved between the parties, please Contact Us. Golfstix will do its best to bring a prompt and fair resolution to the matter.

It is common for disputes to arise from one person’s word over another. That said, it is important to take advantage of our Golfstix Verified service and purchase from our Golfstix Verified Partners.

For more information, see What is Golfstix Verified? , What is a Golfstix Verified Partner?