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Golfstix How it works
The premium marketplace
to buy and sell golf gear
For Buyers
Safe. Secure. Protected.
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For complete Buyer Protection details,
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For Sellers
More Options. Less fees.

Seller features

Designed by golfers for golfers.
Feature-rich, flexible options…

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Fixed-price, make offer,
and bid auction listing types

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Customizable drop-down
option management

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Calculated, flat fee, and free
shipping options

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Seller Fees

Final Sale Fee

10% Final Sale Fee on sold items

Credit Card Processing Fee

2.90% + $0.30 per transaction via Stripe

Pay as low as 5% Seller Fee with Premium+

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Featured Listings

Promote items to be featured on
our homepage and top of
search results

$3.99 for 3 Days

$5.99 for 7 Days

$12.99 Until Sold

Get up to 6 Active Featured Listings with Premium+

Bid Auctions
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Auction bidding

Golfstix's automated bidding lets users set an AutoMax Bid, which is the maximum they're willing to pay. Golfstix bids for users incrementally, keeping bids private.

Outbid users get notified and can increase their bids. The highest bidder wins and completes payment at checkout.

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Bid Increments

Bid increments
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Auction Reserves

Sellers can set a 'Reserve Price' for their auction, the minimum amount they'll accept. The reserve price isn't shown to buyers, and the auction shows 'Reserve not met' until at least two bids exceed it.

If only one bidder places a bid above the reserve price and the auction ends, the item will be sold to that bidder at the reserve price.

Golfstix Verified

Prevent Fraud. Guarantee Specs.

Guaranteed Specs

Golfstix Studio

Custom Build. Any Listing.

Premium+ Membership
A community designed by club junkies for club junkies.
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Studio Services

Personalized specs on purchases, retrofitting, and customization

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Verified Services

Service on Purchases

Peace of mind built-in

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Pay as low as 5%

Seller fees...

Save nearly 60% compared to eBay

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Promote listings

to the top of search results and homepage

Choose your plan
We have monthly and annual plans, what's best for you?



As simple as it gets:

  • 10% Seller fee
  • No listing fee


Payment frequency

$20 /mo

$160 anually / 4 free months

  • 7.5% Seller fee
  • 3 Featured Listings
  • Golfstix Verified


Payment frequency

$30 /mo

$270 anually / 3 free months

  • 5% Seller fee
  • 6 Featured Listings
  • Golfstix Verified
  • Golfstix Studio