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Golfstix Verified

Seller ships item to nearest Golfstix Verified™ facility

Item inspected by experts to guarantee trust and prevent fraud

Item securely repackaged and shipped to Buyer

Golfstix Verified™ is an optional verification service available at checkout (or required by sellers) to prevent buyer scams and seller fraud.

Golfstix Verified™ Service $10 plus shipping

Upon purchase, the item is shipped to the nearest Golfstix verification facility and a video recorded inspection takes place. Our industry experts open each package to ensure the contents match the item description and examine materials and craftsmanship to determine if an item is fake or counterfeit.

Legally speaking, only the original equipment manufacturer can certify authenticity. However we can regularly spot a fake upon close inspection and advise users accordingly. Sellers distributing fake or counterfeit items are banned from Golfstix and buyers are protected through our Golfstix Protected™ Money Back Guarantee.

If everything is as good as advertised, the item is securely repackaged and shipped to the buyer with exclusive partner promos and additional swag.

Buyers requesting returns of Golfstix Verified items must ship the item back to the nearest Golfstix verification facility to ensure contents of the return package are the same as the original. After passing inspection we then ship the return package back to the Seller, assuring trust between users and preventing scammers.


Bid on Auctions, Make Offers or Buy Now

Golfstix Protected™ 100% money back guarantee

Safe, secure credit card payments

Lowest shipping carrier rates guaranteed

Golfstix Buyer Protection

Golfstix Protected™ and Golfstix Verified™ are policies and procedures to ensure every purchase is to your satisfaction or receive 100% money back guarantee.

Golfstix Protected™ | Money Back Guarantee

All items bought and sold on Golfstix qualify for purchase protection with Golfstix Protected™. If the buyer does not receive the item or the package contents do not match the item description, then the buyer will receive 100% of their money back guaranteed. Funds are only transferred to the seller when the buyer submits feedback or 72 hours after delivery confirmation, whichever comes first.

Safe & Secure Payments

Best-in-class payment security is our #1 priority. All Golfstix payments are processed by Stripe, a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider and the leader in e-commerce payment processing. Sensitive cardholder data is stored, encrypted, and transmitted in separate hosted environments to maintain the highest security standards.

Lowest Shipping Rates

Golfstix has partnered with e-commerce leader Shippo to facilitate all domestic and international shipping with lowest possible carrier rates guaranteed - including US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, and DHL.


Low seller fees

FREE Local Pickup Listings - Pay no fees

Promote listings to be featured at the top of search results and user feed

Sell and ship hassle free with Golfstix Consigned™

Seller Fees

Final Sale Fee
Pay 10% Final Sale Fee plus credit card processing fees
Final Sale Fee = Final Sale Amount + Shipping
Credit Card Processing Fees
2.90% + $0.30 per transaction via Stripe

Promoted Listings

Promote items to be featured on the homepage, at the top of search results, and within user feed.
72 hours$3.99
7 days$5.99

Golfstix Consigned™

Golfstix Consigned™ 20% Final Sale Fee

Have golf inventory? Let us handle it. We’ll take professional pictures, write detailed descriptions, price items with your consent, securely package and ship to buyers. All inventory is labeled, scanned into database, and tracked online. Plus each item will be designated as Golfstix Verified™, ensuring buyers the items are not fake or counterfeit. Pay nothing upfront and only 20% of the Final Sale Fee when the item sells plus payment processing fees. Shipping is paid by the Buyer.

*Monthly storage fees apply to items not sold within 60 days. Unsold items may be donated to golf charities or junior golf programs at seller’s discretion. Contact us for more information on our consignment program

Pro Sellers

Pro Seller integration Team creates listings of entire inventory

Cross-channel inventory management tools

Pro Seller Integration Team

The process of creating listings of an entire inventory takes time and money. Let us help. We have resources available to copy your existing golf inventory and create your new Golfstix listings for you. Contact us for more info.

Cross Channel Tools | *COMING SOON*

Commercial golf retailers and individual pro sellers have been selling on other platforms for years. Golfstix has developed cross-channel inventory management tools to sync your Shopify and eBay stores with Golfstix in order to automatically update pricing, details, and product availability in real-time. Contact us for more info.

Our Story

It started with the most iconic putter in golf history, a vintage Ping Dalehead Anser I bought on eBay for $60. An all-original Wilson 8802 putter soon followed. Fast forward roughly a hundred putters later and my novel interest in rolling vintage putters quickly grew into an obsession of collecting the latest and greatest in premium milled putters.

Although relatively unknown to the golf public, the niche market for fine milled putters is a very real thing, with a loyal and passionate following among enthusiasts. Handmade by craftsmen all over the world, you won’t find these works of art at your local pro shop. They’re custom ordered directly from the small, boutique manufacturer or bought from independent sellers online.

I browsed, bought and sold like a stock market day trader, collecting putters like wine and trying them all. Through my experience of buying and selling on independent seller marketplaces, it was clear there were several common problems, including both buyer and seller fraud among other user experience issues. With premium golf equipment being so expensive, it was no surprise to see how ‘counterfeit listings’ and ‘marketplace scams’ were often the topic of discussion on golf trading forums. I soon realized I had the answer to change this narrative.

So I recruited a talented team of devs and golf industry professionals and we embarked on the mission to eliminate fraud and provide a best-of-breed marketplace dedicated to avid golfers, collectors, and club traders. Focused on an enhanced user experience with increased trust between users, Golfstix was created to be a better marketplace, offering more value to buyers and sellers of premium golf products.

Welcome to Golfstix.

Steve Cox
Steve Cox