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Our Story
Designed for the golfer, by the golfer

As a club junkie and collector, I’ve bought and sold clubs on almost every online platform including eBay, GolfWRX, Facebook groups, and more... and I've been burned.

Unfortunately many enthusiasts and I have fallen victim to scammers with peer-to-peer transactions. Buyers and sellers have been ripped off in so many ways - from counterfeit items to fraudulent chargebacks to sellers not shipping items as promised - no platform existed to avoid these nightmares. I had enough.

After co-founding a fintech company and taking it public, I decided it was time for my next venture… to provide the safest, most secure marketplace to buy and sell golf gear. Golfstix was born.

Our innovative Golfstix Verified service is the ultimate solution to prevent fraud and guarantee trust between users. Available to both buyers and sellers, Golfstix Verified is a video-recorded package inspection performed by industry experts before the item is shipped to the buyer. With less seller fees than eBay and more value-added services, we trust golfers will love our easy-to-use, worry-free marketplace.

Golfstix… buy and sell with confidence.