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Bobby Grace Amazing Shiloh LS Gamechanger (Very limited quantities)

Condition - New Item

Highlands, North Carolina

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The Shiloh GAMECHANGER WITH Long Slant (LS) hosel is the best blade we make! This hard to machine putter creates very close to a face balanced (5% toe hang) (Made in USA) with New Black Satin Cera-Kote durable Gun quality finish and standard length (33-36”) (Very limited quantities). The HSM2 Mid Firm grey insert is the best feeling and best rolling face in golf.


  • Category: Clubs
  • Brand: Bobby Grace
  • Type: Putters
  • Model: Amazing Shiloh LS Gamechanger
  • Condition: New Item
  • Orientation: Right-Handed
  • Flex: Putter

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