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Nike Air Max 90 NRG US Open 2022 Golf Shoes - White/Multi-Color - Size 13 - New!

Condition - New Item

San Diego, California

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Nike Air Max 90 NRG US Open 2022 Golf Shoe - White/Multi-Color - Size 13 - New! Comes with Box.
Limited Edition US Open Model.
Introducing the Nike Air Max 90 G Golf 2022 US Open Surf and Turf Lobstah DM9009-146 Men's Shoes. These sneakers are built for both function and fashion. With a comfortable, breathable mesh upper and a rubber outsole for superior grip, they are perfect for a variety of activities such as walking, running, golf, basketball, and more.

Featuring a colorful design and a range of sizes, these shoes are suitable for men who love classic, retro, and 90s styles. They are perfect for casual wear, workwear, or activewear, and are water-resistant to keep your feet dry in all seasons. With slip-on, lace-up, and pull-on closure options, these shoes offer a comfortable fit for everyone.


  • Category: Apparel
  • Brand: Nike
  • Type: Footwear
  • Condition: New Item

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